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Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden (Fujita Kinen Teien)

Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden
(Fujita Kinen Teien)

Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden was made in 1919 by a gardener from Tokyo. The first owner of this garden was Ken'ichi Fujita, who comes from Hirosaki City. After Mr. Fujita, via the repossession by the Michinoku Bank, Hirosaki City serviced and opened the garden to the public in July, 1991. There are about 21800m2 of land, and in the Tohoku district, it is the 2nd largest Japanese garden. The garden is separated into 2 parts, the hill part and the low land part, by a 13m high cliff. From the hill there is a view of Mt.Iwaki. Also, the Western House, Japanese House, Archaeology Museum are built here, and you can visit the inside of these buildings. The low land part of the garden, with the iris, waterfall, and a red bridge, you can be enjoyed these scenery while walking around the pond.

About the Japanese garden

The philosophy behind the making of a garden in Japan is different from gardening in the Western countries, and is to have thought to center on the natural view, not being geometrical balanced. To represent the universe through, a pond is made as the sea, and the edge of the pond represents the seashore. It was the place of the prayer, a place to reflect on one’s belief. To play or do sword sports is taboo in the Japanese garden.

April Mid ~ November 23

Closing Day
(If Monday is national holiday, the next day close)

No Closing Day period (Open 9:00~17:00)
HIROSAKI Cherry Blossom Festival(April 23~May 5)
Summer Holiday(August 1~20)
HIROSAKI Autumn Festival (October 25~November 5)

For fullest appreciation of this garden, it is recommended that you allow about 45 minutes~1 hour. The length of the garden path is about 700m. These buildings, the Western House, the Japanese House, and the Archeology Hall, located near the front gate, can be visited free of charge.


30 minutes by car from the Tohoku highway, O-wani Hirosaki Exit.
15 minutes by taxi from the Hirosaki station.

Admission Fees

The first floor of the Western House is Free

Adult(high school students and older) 310Yen
Child (elementary and junior high school students)100Yen
Little child Free

Group rates (Applies to groups of 10 or more persons)
Adult(high school students and older) 250Yen
Child(elementary and junior high school student) 80Yen
Little child Free

 Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden

8-1 Kamisirogane
Hirosaki, Aomori Pref 036-8207

Tel.0172-37-5525 Fax.0172-37-5526
Parks and Open Space Association of Hirosaki