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Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden

About This Garden

Ken'ichi Fujita (1873-1946)

From Hirosaki City, Businessman,
Member of the House of Peers

His former name was Akashi, but he was adopted by the Fujita family, who are his relatives, at the age of 5 years. As an adult, he becomes the company representative for more than 60 companies. Known as the best businessman in Japan, he was installed as the first national Japanese Chamber of Commerce President in 1928. Ken'ichi Fujita has contributed to society, with many educational works, such as the founding of the Fujita Education Inc., the contribution of the Hirosaki City Public Hall, and so much more.

The Western House ”Yo-kan”

The Western house is notable for its reminiscent atmosphere of the Taishou times, and you can relax & enjoy tea in its first floor Tearoom.

In the first floor, there is a Concert Room for small scale concert, available by reservation. (For up to 50 people)
And also two meeting rooms on the 2nd floor, available by reservation (seats up to 10).

The Japanese House ”Wa kan”

The Japanese house is located on the hill section of the garden. It was built using carefully selected items such as a Yakusugi floor board in the entrance.
Yakusugi is a great old pine tree from Yakusima island, now registered as a World Natural Heritage. Kurama Stone, no longer mined, was used in the garden side entrance, you remove your shores.

The Archeology Museum ”Kou ko kan”

This building was originally built as the warehouse for this garden.
Now it displays items from the Stone Age (Pre-Jomon period) to Edo period. Display items are almost entirely excavated from Hirosaki City. The most oldest rice paddy in Eastern Japan was discovered at the Sunazawa site, and the treasured items from this site are on display. These excavated items are registered as the Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Tea ceremony house ”Syo-fu-tei”

Available by reservation (For up to 30 people)

Tea ceremony house is on the low land part of the garden.You can use the facility for tea ceremony(“Tya-no-yu”) for a meeting, and the such. The view of the stone lantern and pond, and shoreline, can be seen from the tea room, along with the view of the island. It is one of the best views from this garden.

Room admission Fees
(Previous application, and the price is payable in advance)

Capacity of seat A M
The Western House
(Hill part garden)
First meeting room 10 1,200yen 2,000yen 3,200yen Abstinence from drink alcohol
Second meeting room 9 900yen 1,500yen 2,400yen Abstinence from drink alcohol
Concert Room
(for small scale)
50 or less  Free (9:00~16:00) Concert use only
(Low land part garden) Tea ceremony house
30 1,830yen 3,050yen 4,880yen  

Notice for all room
・Previous application, and the price is payable in advance.
・Nonprofit-making use only
・Available time includes the time ready for use, putting the room in order .
・Abstinence from drink alcohol in meeting room.(Tea ceremony house is permitted)
・No litter, carry dust back.

Notice for Concert Room
・Never move the piano
・Without limitation audience, open to general visitors
・Setting up the seats, and putting the seats in order yourself.
( Folding chairs are stored in anteroom on the 2nd floor.)